Created in 2006 by science journalist Paola Catapano, MINIDARWIN aims at taking groups of children on scientific expeditions coached by real scientists and science communication professionals.

On the occasion of International Year of Biodiversity 2010, theMiniDarwins are ready to leave on their third expedition, to the Amazon Forest, devoted to biodiversity and its socio-economic spin offs. The MiniDarwins will be coached by biodiversity scientists and an ecological socio-economist specialised in ethno-ecology to experience life with an Indigenous population in the Amazon Forest

During the trip, we will publish on this blog a diary of the expedition and some of the photos, videos, interviews and texts we are producing for later publication on our website, book, reportage and documentary film.

27 July 2010

Towards Noronha

Recife 27 July

Today we went to Recife Antigo (old town), but I am now writing from the plane to Fernando de Noronha. All I know about this island is that not only it is very beautiful, but that it also has a time zone of its own, that it does not share with any other place in the world (- 2 hrs compared to Greenwich), and that Darwin stopped there during
his voyage.
I now remember, when I went to Galàpagos I did not find it so beautiful because you are forced to stay on the paths, you cannot collect any stone, and a million other rules; in Noronha you can go wherever you want and there are no such strict rules. My mother told me on the island there's even a beach with waves for surfing; I am not a real surfer, but I love to be carried away by the waves, as if I was a surf board myself. On that island there are many beautiful beaches and I can't wait to get there !
PS: I am angry with my mother who forbid me to take the Nintendo DS with me on this trip. I hope she will let me watch Naruto sometimes, at least.

PS2 (a few hours later): we just arrived on Noronha, and …. it is raining on Paradise island! Apparently this weather is not normal, according to Cristiano, who has just opened his second Trattoria on this island and has lived here for the last eight years. This is the weather for April, not end July. My mother says it's because of climate change, Mike does not agree, he says there's no proof. I just feel guilty as a human to the idea that the cause for this climate chaos might be us. Let's hope it' s sunny tomorrow!

                                                                                                                                                                        from Alberto's diary

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