Created in 2006 by science journalist Paola Catapano, MINIDARWIN aims at taking groups of children on scientific expeditions coached by real scientists and science communication professionals.

On the occasion of International Year of Biodiversity 2010, theMiniDarwins are ready to leave on their third expedition, to the Amazon Forest, devoted to biodiversity and its socio-economic spin offs. The MiniDarwins will be coached by biodiversity scientists and an ecological socio-economist specialised in ethno-ecology to experience life with an Indigenous population in the Amazon Forest

During the trip, we will publish on this blog a diary of the expedition and some of the photos, videos, interviews and texts we are producing for later publication on our website, book, reportage and documentary film.

1 August 2010

Adeus Noronha… … welcome to the forest city

Sunday,  Aug 1 
After the morning preparations to leave our Pousada  (Aires de Noronha) and the affectionate adeuses to the dona, sweet Etilene, we still managed to visit the famous Baìa dos Porcos and Cacimba dos Padres beaches, both worth the world record of the most beautiful beaches as well! Another adeus to Cristiano and his wife Isa at their Cachorrao Restaurant on the Praia do Cachorro, a live Interview with Radio 24 (Italy) and off we go to the airport for our 16:30 GOL flight. We are all very sad to leave this wonderful place, and  a little nervous we won't like anything else of the trip after so much beauty.
welcome to the forest city - We arrive in Manaus at 2 am on Aug 2, after a tiring trip through Recife and Fortaleza. In spite of the late arrival, the kids are fully awake and curious to get their first feel of the Amazon capital. Maxine is the first one to spot "the jungle !!!" as soon as we leave the airport in the taxi. A scientific discussion starts between the three kids (while all the adults want is sleep!) about the difference between jungle, forest and rainforest. We try to shut them out by telling them to ask the INPA scientists tomorrow … actually today!  Only a few hours sleep separate us form the beginning of our first day in Manaus.

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